About Us

About us

Being away from home and craving your staple food is one of the most common issues that people face when they settle or travel all across the globe. Customer convenience and affordability of better quality food from across the world were two aspects behind the brain child of HashTag International Inc. In 2005 the seed was sown and the concept was visualized to work toward elevating everyday food experience, quality food and convenience of shopping for people away from their home. Since then HashTag has been striving to supply high quality products to the customers from across the World markets.

Hashtag diversified its operations and entered the everyday electronics and accessories market to bring more convenience to the customer making them one stop shoppers.

Our major focal point is Specialty Foods, Household grocery along with everyday electronics and accessories and retail distribution. Quality is indeed our watchword. We have thus built strong relationships with trusted suppliers, business partners, and processors. We strive to ensure the growing demand of variety of products along with maintaining quality and affordability for your customers through our strong supply chain and import services.


Delivering the highest quality of customer excellence and enriching the world with spirit of good food entwined with best quality and affordable prices for all.

Our culture

Delighting the world with spirit of good food and customer excellence delivered with high quality brands to save money making life easier and better.


To be top importer and distributor of specialty food and everyday accessories in Canadian market, bringing the best of brands and convenience that matters.



We have an exceptional team of import experts working seamlessly to assist suppliers in packaging, handling and paperwork requirements for the importation of food products into Canada. They also help retailers import exclusive products for their select chain of retail stores.

Warehouse Facilities & Distribution

Our warehouses are placed in various regional locations so as to meet the ever growing demand for our vast array of products including dry goods, grocery, specialty and refrigerated products.

Hashtag operates the Blossom Distribution House to serve our electronic and everyday accessories distribution. Everyday electronics and other accessories are stocked in our warehouse to meet the ever growing retail demand.

We have experts in warehousing trained to ensure that world class standards of industry and national regulatory requirements for inventory control management, handling and shipment of our suppliers' products from initial receipt to delivery of products to our retail partners are duly met.

Retail Management

Hashtag operates retail chain of Kuhmart grocery stores in rural Saskatchewan. We deliver directly to stores, grocery and retail chains, independents, drugstores, specialty and various markets in Canada. Our sales team, together with our network of retailers in Canada work hand in hand to ensure that all our products are properly marketed, restocked and serviced to meet regional and national market and regulatory requirements.